Leagueguru is Fantasy Cricket Leagues game where fantasy cricket enthusiasts can win real money. When this project came to us, the application had some 500 users, was extremely slow, game management was not flexible and the users were unable to use the application on mobile devices. The biggest challenge was to scale the application to a targeted user base of 100,000 users in one year, while maintaining the speed, robustness and security of the application.

Today, for us, Leagueguru.com is the perfect example of an efficient and innovative Managed Hosting. The gaming engine which updates the live scores from real-time feeds, is hosted on a different server independent of the main application, thereby increasing speed of the overall system by 400%. To further improve the performance, we will be using the concept of database sharding in future.

The application is mobile-responsive. The Security has been upgraded to safeguard the application from DOS attacks. Our remote assistance teams provide 24 x 7 support and maintenance to ensure that the tickets are resolved at the earliest.


Distributed Architecture, Application Development, Responsive Design, Server Optimization, Maintenance and Support